Consultation Fees

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Consultation Fees

Each time you bring your pet to see the vet, one of the following consultation fees will apply:

Standard / Initial Consultation

The first time we see your pet for a new problem (or for a re-occurrence of a previous problem), our standard consultation fee applies. During this consultation the vet will examine your pet, diagnose the problem and discuss the next steps, which may include a recommended treatment plan. A standard consultation lasts for up to 15 minutes. Additional fees will apply for any treatment, medication or tests required. The consultation fee will also apply should we conduct a video or telephone consultation.


After the initial consultation, if we subsequently see your pet for a follow-up consultation for the same problem, then a reduced consultation fee is applied. This fee covers the re-examination and, where appropriate, a review of the treatment plan. A re-examination consultation lasts for up to 15 minutes and additional fees may apply should your pet require further treatment, medication or tests.

Prescription Review

When your pet is on long term medication, in line with RCVS guidelines regarding the dispensing of veterinary medications, it is practice policy for all pets to be seen by a veterinary surgeon every 3 months, although this may vary with individual circumstances. A Prescription Review Consultation is charged which covers the re-examination of your pet. The re-examinations allow a vet to review your pet’s condition, discuss any new medications which may be more appropriate for your pet and to check for any problems relating to long-term treatment. It also provides an opportunity for you to discuss any other concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health. Any medication or treatment prescribed is then charged in addition to the consultation fee.

Post-Operation Examination

After you pet has had surgery, we will normally book you a return appointment with the vet or nurse to enable us to examine your pet and ensure everything is healing as it should be following the operation. The number of return appointments will normally be determined by the type of surgery undertaken and a defined number of Post-Operation Examinations will be included in the cost of your surgery. Should your pet need any additional checks in addition to the standard number of post-operation examinations, then a Vet Re-Examination fee will normally be charged. Any medication or further treatment identified during your post-operation examinations will be charged separately.

Nurse Clinics

We also offer nurse clinics for certain treatments or procedures. A nurse consultation also lasts for up to 15 minutes and is charged at a lower rate to a vet consultation. These include (but are not limited to): Nail Clips, Express Anal Glands, Senior Pet Health Checks, Dental Checks, Weight Clinics, Kidney Clinics, Diabetic Clinics.

Home Visits

Whilst we prefer you to bring your pet to the practice for a consultation or treatment, we recognise that this is not always possible. Therefore in certain circumstances we may be able to arrange a home visit. There is a charge for this service in addition to any consultation, treatment or medication provided.

Out of Hours

We operate our own out of hours service using only our own vets and nurses. This means in the event of an emergency, you can call us on the usual practice number 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year giving you additional peace of mind should your pet become ill. Your call will be answered by our out of hours emergency call handler who will contact the duty vet and arrange a call back. There is an additional surcharge should you need to see the vet outside our normal opening hours. This surcharge applies in addition to any consultation, treatment, medication or visit fees.

Other Charges

Upon request, we are always happy to provide an estimate for the cost of any treatment or medication your pet may need. Just ask us before any treatment is provided and we will be happy to give you a guide to the expected costs.

Payment Difficulties

Or standard terms require payment in full for all treatment, goods and services at the time they are provided. However, we understand that sometimes your pet may need unexpected veterinary treatment for which you’ve not been able to budget. For this reason, we always recommend you consider pet insurance to cover such unexpected veterinary bills.

But if your pet needs treatment and you are concerned about the affordability, please mention this when you call us to make an appointment and we will be happy to discuss how we can help and what options are available to you.

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