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If you are looking to book a cat vaccination, please be aware that there is an ongoing shortage of some cat vaccines affecting all UK Veterinary practices. Find out more here.


Here you can see prices for some of our most popular treatments


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £55.00
Re-examination £50.00
Prescription Review £50.00
Nurse Clinic (standard) £25.00


Dogs Standard Price
Primary Course or Restart (DHP/L4) £90.00
Primary Course or Restart (DHP/L4) with Kennel Cough £120.00
Annual Booster (DHP/L4) £65.00
Annual Booster (DHP/L4) with Kennel Cough £95.00
Kennel Cough Only £50.00
Rabies Vaccination £90.00


Cats Standard Price
Primary Course or Restart (FLU/ENT/FELV) £90.00
Annual Booster (FLU/ENT/FELV) £65.00
Rabies Vaccination £90.00


Rabbits Standard Price
Annual Vaccination (MYXO + RHD 1&2) £80.00

Neutering Operations

Dogs Standard Price
Spay <25kg £320.00
Spay 25-45kg £375.00
Spay >45kg £430.00
Castrate <25kg £250.00
Castrate 25-45kg £270.00
Castrate >45kg £325.00


Cats Standard Price
Spay £125.00
Castrate  £90.00


Rabbits Standard Price
Spay £145.00
Castrate  £110.00

Other Services

  Standard Price
Microchip £25.00
Nail Clip with a Vet £50.00
Nail Clip with a Nurse £25.00
Express Anal Glands with a Vet £50.00
Express Anal Glands with a Nurse £25.00
Written Prescription (single product) £26.00
Written Prescription (multiple products) £48.00

Out of Hours Fees

To provide an emergency service outside of our normal opening times

A surcharge of £200-£255 applies in addition to our normal charges

Prices correct as of 1st September 2023