Here you can see prices for some of our most popular treatments


  Standard Price
Initial Consultation £55.00
Re-examination £50.00
Prescription Review £50.00
Nurse Clinic (standard) £25.00


Dogs Standard Price
Primary Course or Restart (DHP/L4) £90.00
Primary Course or Restart (DHP/L4) with Kennel Cough £120.00
Annual Booster (DHP/L4) £65.00
Annual Booster (DHP/L4) with Kennel Cough £95.00
Kennel Cough Only £50.00
Rabies Vaccination £90.00


Cats Standard Price
Primary Course or Restart (FLU/ENT/FELV) £90.00
Annual Booster (FLU/ENT/FELV) £65.00
Rabies Vaccination £90.00


Rabbits Standard Price
Annual Vaccination (MYXO + RHD 1&2) £80.00

Neutering Operations

Dogs Standard Price
Spay <25kg £320.00
Spay 25-45kg £375.00
Spay >45kg £430.00
Castrate <25kg £250.00
Castrate 25-45kg £270.00
Castrate >45kg £325.00


Cats Standard Price
Spay £125.00
Castrate  £90.00


Rabbits Standard Price
Spay £145.00
Castrate  £110.00

Other Services

  Standard Price
Microchip £25.00
Nail Clip with a Vet £50.00
Nail Clip with a Nurse £25.00
Express Anal Glands with a Vet £50.00
Express Anal Glands with a Nurse £25.00
Written Prescription (single product) £26.00
Written Prescription (multiple products) £48.00

Prices correct as of 1st September 2023